There is only Planet A

We at RHV Group are committed to working primarily with sustainable brands and partners for our projects. From architects, interior designers, installations by our craftsmen network and our furniture suppliers we are expecting sustainable products and solutions to reduce our shared carbon-emission, and even go the extra mile and commit to carbon offset our emissions for each project.

Living Sustainability

How far do you
go for Sustainability?

How far do you
go for Sustainability?

Reducing Carbon Emissions in The Interior Design Industry

Our planet is changing, and with the increasing public awareness of the potential bad consequences of climate change all of us, our clients, and the market are asking for new, resource-saving, and suitable interior design concepts.

While many in the industry focus on reducing plastic components and using more eco-friendly buildings and raw materials, we feel that these measurements are not enough. 

Therefore we are focusing on developing together with our customers and partners more sustainable interior designs, leveraging e.g. natural biomaterials for furniture and energy-saving interior design concepts for sustainable work and living spaces.

Further, we are going the extra mile and have decided to further reduce our carbon emissions in the interior design industry by actively choosing and investing in carbon offset projects for a better future environment.

5 % Dedication


“Through Carbon offsetting, individuals and businesses are compensating for their greenhouse gas emissions emitted through lifestyle and operational choices by reducing emissions elsewhere.” 

RHV Group is purchasing carbon offset credits and giving money every year to renewable energy, forest management, carbon removal, ocean blue carbon, biochar, bio-oil, and water conservation projects.

With our pledge, we intend to have a long-lasting positive impact on our environment and take responsibility for our own carbon emissions created with each completed project.

Our Carbon Offsett

We are dedicating 5% of our profits to invest in carbon offset credits and to work with the best carbon removal projects from around the world to create a positive global impact. 

Because targeting carbon zero is not enough to save our planet A. We are going the extra mile and focusing on longterm carbon reduction.

Sustainable Vision

We are inspired by sharing our ideas and know-how with our partners about sustainable interior design, lean project management, and energy-saving installations while reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Reduction is a key component to tackle climate change.

Preferred Sustainable Brands
Organic Furnitures

Organic Furnitures

Vank create furniture, objects, tangible signs in Space. Items designed intelligently with respect for nature, and manufactured using latest technologies.
The Evergreen Concept

The Evergreen Concept

THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT represents a lighthouse project in terms of circular economy and the zero-waste approach implementing fully sustainable design and furnishing concepts.
More to add soon

More to add soon